If you're hoping to race today, you're too late to book. Please just turn up and enjoy open racing. 

(To book 30+ Drivers please contact us directly)



How It Works

Your booking time is when your Race Licences are ready to collect at the raceway. Collect them anytime after that, and race anytime before the evening is out on the booking date. If you're planning to race at your specific booking time, you may be required to wait a short time before venturing onto the grid. 

For larger bookings and groups, you may be required to enjoy refuelling breaks between a series of races in order to take on vital fluids and allow other drivers to enjoy the raceway.



Ts & Cs

All bookings are Non Refundable, Non Transferable and only valid for the booking date. A booking DOES NOT guarantee entry to The Four Thieves, so on busier evenings bookings are only offered early. No refunds are given on refusal of entry.


For any queries please contact The Four Thieves pub directly.

You can buy multiple races under one booking name. These can be bought on behalf of and shared amongst a group, or buy lots of races just for yourself!

Have a question for us? Even though we love hearing from you, please read our FAQ'S before contacting us directly.

To book 30+ drivers give us a shout by using the contact details below...


Office Hours: 9am-6pm

Tel: Venue & Booking Enquires (The Four Thieves)- 0207 223 6927

       or Other (The Racing Bug)-  07741 656 126



Find us upstairs in the arcade at:

The Four Thieves

51 Lavender Gardens
Battersea, SW11 1DJ​